SCRUM Development

What is SCRUM?

The SCRUM is a framework of agile software development which model can focus on task with responsibility on each member and you can find a problem to easy also, SCRUM can get an accurate estimate. It’s suitable for short term development.

SCRUM has 3 important points.

  • transparency
    To make the scrum team’s current status and problems visible.

  • Inspection
    To find problems by visualization.

  • Adaptation
    If there is a problem with the team, deal with remedial measures.

To make a general need for communicating. SCRUM model needs a meeting every day. If you don’t like to communicate for the team member, It doesn’t match.

SCRUM needs communication skill which is very important.

How to SCRUM development

This picture is overall SCRUM development.

First thing, Team member have to hold a meeting which called Release Planning. In this meeting, team member decision high-level plan for multiple Sprints and create during the release planning.

Then, team member creates a Sprint Planning which prepares task for each member. As the name suggests planning for Sprint. This meeting decided on How? and What?

Developer team turns the cycle of Sprint. Almost term is around 2 weeks or 4 weeks.

Finally, Sprint demo release.


A bellow picture is Sprint flow.]

The developer team developing an application from Sprint planning.
And the developer has to daily scrum every day.
The daily scrum is a daily meeting, it likes morning assembly.
Each member reports the task for yesterday and today and reports problem.

If finish the Sprint, team member review the Sprint which called Sprint Retrospective. The member reviewed Sprint and find a problem.


The developer needs all the skills.

  • Design
  • Document
  • coding
  • test
  • manitenance

The developer must be familiar with everything.