Install tmux on ArchLinux

tmux is terminal multiplexing software. Multiple virtual terminals can be operated on tmux executed from a shell operating in one terminal. So you don’t need open multiple terminals.

How to install tmux

You can install from publc repository.

[code lang=text]
$ sudo pacman -S tmux

And also, please excute this command.

[code lang=text]
$ touch .tmux.conf

Because this file read in a new session. The first time, your PC doesn’t have the setting file, so You have to generate setting file .tmux.conf on home directory.

Default Key

Key Meaning
bind-key d detach(close to tmux)
bind-key c Open the new window
bind-key n Move to next window
bind-key p Move to previous window
bind-key Number Move to the specified window
bind-key w List windows
bind-key % Divide the screen vertically
bind-key ” Split screen horizontally
bind-key ! Unpartition the screen
bind-key o Move between divided screens
bind-key , Name window
bind-key ? Show the command list