Install AURMAN

Yourts is dead, I wanna get to new packagemanager. So, AURMAN is similer to yarout.
aurman has specific 4 points.

  1. similer to using pacman
  2. you can sepaate package and cheking confirict or dependecies package.
  3. Search AUR package
  4. Checking or editting A PKGBUILD file before build.
$ pacman -S base-devel git gnupg
$ git clone
$ cd ./aurman

Check bellow code. validpgpkeys have to import.


Please import key.

$ gpg --recv-keys <YOUR KEY>

Then make package.

$ makepkg -si

If you use AUR package at first time, you need modifi /etc/pacman.conf

$ nano /etc/pacman.conf

Add three lines of below code to the end of the file

SigLevel = Never
Server =$arch

That”‘s it.

Same to yaourt to using packagemanager.

$ aurman -S slack-desktop